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Mental health is measurable like all other health parameters. We have made available a compact set of standard screening tools for you to check your state of mental health. On completion of the test, you can decide to talk to an expert if required. As stated all these tests are for FREE and 100% Anonymous.

Social Phobia

Fear to interact with other people, feelings of being negatively judged and evaluated

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Eating Habits

Constantly worried,Afraid of gaining weight or concerned about my eating habits

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Nicotine Dependence

Difficulty controlling my substance use, inabilty to sleep, loss of appetite Substance Use

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Internet Addiction

Disturbance in sleep, no sense of time, isolation

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Experiencing low energy levels, loss of memory, tired all the time

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Social Adaption

Anxious, lack of concentration, loss of self esteem, trapped

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Constantly worried, Low energy, Nervousness and shaking, not able to sleep

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Alcohol Use Disorder

Worried about your drinking habits

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About Us

We all need help in some way or the other! In today’s fast paced world, we all need to vent out, bounce thoughts and need someone who can listen to us. Well, not just anyone, we need someone who is professionally qualified, we need our Amigo.

Why Us?

Amigo offers you the BEST Professionally qualified counsellors any time anywhere.

100% Anonymous

We are truly Anonymous! We “DO NOT” Demand or Collect any personal information about you.

Certified Professionals

We have a rigorous process of identifying the best in class professionals to provide the care required.

Life is invaluable!

We believe strongly that good care must be affordable for all, our sophisticated platform allows for quality service to be provided at a reasonable cost.

Amigo is
life changing!

Very often we need someone to talk to, late at night, while at work, at home, when we are in the middle of something. While we don’t always have the time to find professionally skilled people and meet them in person, we sure do need all the help! Amigo offers you the right person to talk about your problems and feelings in a confidential and dependable environment.



Amigo is built keeping in mind Simplicity, Effectiveness and Ease of use! Our technology uses the highest standards of security and is designed to scale.

100% Anonymous/

We “DO NOT” Demand or Collect any personal information about you

24/7 Availability/

Our trained professionals are available round the clock to help you

Multi Language/

Available in Tamil and English currently and many more languages coming soon

/Wide variety of Specialisations

25+ problem area addressed

/Text / Audio / Video Chat

All you need is an active internet connection to get connected

/Value for Money

Quality care made available at an affordable price

Focus Areas ...

Amigo offers Trained and verified professionals specialising across multiple desciplines to cater to your needs.

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